Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating a Rat Pack Member's Life

Every year, Ohio is the site of a celebration of the life of Dean Martin in the city of Steubenville, where he was born and spent his early years. The event goes on for four days each June, the month in which Dean was born (birthday: June 7th) During the festival, locals and visitors take in parades, contests, Italian food, and plenty of entertainment including performances by Rat Pack Impersonators. And of course, there are many fond reminiscences of Dean from people who knew him. It's an upbeat, fun event, with festivities including a meatball eating competition.

The star of the Festival is Dean's daughter Deana who presides over the celebration and sings for the visitors. Deana happens to be a fine singer who does concerts around the country and has also hosted her own nationally syndicated radio show.

To learn more about the Dean Martin Festival, visit the festival's official website, and for a show re-creating Frank, Dean and Sammy, visit this tribute to the Rat Pack.